Starch and Derivate production By Hovex and Nivoba

Hovex and Nivoba are complementary companies in the global starch industry. These 2 companies combined have more than 200 years experience.

Hovex offers advanced process solutions such as excellent state-of -the art equipment and processes, from single machines, separate sections up to full production lines. Hovex hereby enables their esteemed business partners to extract starch and by-products from the various crops i.e. potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, etc. in the most pure, efficient, competitive and sustainable fashion. Hovex focusses on the production of wet starch.

Nivoba manufactures sophisticated state of the art equipment and installations for the separation of solids and liquids. They operates throughout the world in all branches of industry with major focus is on the starch industry. Their in-house engineering department and extensive test facilities enable them to supply tailor-made process solutions. Nivoba focusses on the production of dry starch.