CO2 Mineralization process by Bouman Environmental

Bouman was founded in 1950 and developed great expertise in several areas. A great example is Bouman Environmental, which focusses on an environmental sustainable future. One of their technologies is CO2 Mineralization process and translates into an application that enables customers to re-use CO2 instead of realising it into the air. A great advantage of this method is that it reduces carbon dioxide levels, lowers costs, enables customers to achieve their environmental goals and most important of all contribute to a sustainable future.

Bouman Environmental developed this unique technology by collaborating with Procede (a Dutch spin-off) and Twence (a producer of renewable energy and raw materials from waste and biomass). The CO2 mineralization process does not only capture CO2 from flue gases, but also converts CO2 into sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). This substance is then used to extract the last residues of other harmful substances of the combustion gases.

CO2 Mineralization process plant