About us

NETG (Netherlands Environmental Technology group) provides its beneficial process industry solutions worldwide.

These beneficial solutions are customized applications derived from the expertise of our member companies: CTST, Bouman, Nivoba Chemicals & Kuipers Food Processing. These companies are all based in the Netherlands and combined have over 2 centuries experience. Their experienced team of design and process engineers assure high quality applications according to ISO 9001 & 334, PED or ASME standard and when required e.g. ATEX.

Our technologies

Each member of NETG has its own unique technology that can be used for beneficial applications for the process industry:

Bio ethanol production plants
Calcium chloride production
CO2 mineralization process
Liquid-liquid/solid centrifugal separation
Scrubber installations
Starch and derivate production
Wastewater and processed water filtration plants

Besides these technologies, several other are available at our members' websites. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.